Kumho Tires Review

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Finding the right tire isn’t easy. As travelers of 2022, we love to be on the go. But a flat tire or a rickety ride is likely to change our minds. This is why we went ahead and discovered the Kumho Tire.

This brand is well-known for its summer and all-season tires. We recommend it for anyone who is looking for both diversity and performance. And don’t worry about the price. It’s been ranked within the top 5 best tire brands. And it’s a bit too clear why.

In the following review, we shall take a closer look at the top features of the tires. We will also review their various models like the Solus, Ecsta, Crugen, and Road Venture.

Kumho Crugen HT51 All_Season Radial Tire
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Overview of the Tire

The Kumho Tires boasts a spectrum of features. These range from high durability and strength, to up to an 85,000-mile tread warranty. Overall, the tires have secured 11th position in the Japanese Winter Tire Customer Satisfaction rankings of 2014.

The one reason why we decided to review this brand today is that of their quality. The tire brand flaunts diversity and usefulness. We were especially in love with their all-season tires, the best of which were Ecsta and the Solus.

Kumho Tires Review

To give you an idea before we go into depth, Kumho Tires is not only adept at production but also at customer service. They were on the 11th spot in the Replacement Tire Satisfaction Awards. The number might dissuade you. But remember that these contests were held among hundreds of different tire brands.

And the Kumho was ranked above the Falken, Continental, Toyo, and even Dunlop tires. Its rates are estimated to be 30% cheaper than other brands of its size. And don’t forget about their tread warranty that can last for up to 85,000 miles.

We recommend Kumho tires for those looking for a summer or fall season tire. They currently do not have many winter-optimized tires. But the all-season tires work perfectly for any terrain. Most of their tires are made for traveling on the road, so we wouldn’t recommend it for off-road drivers.

Kumho Crugen HT51 All_Season Radial Tire-265/65R17 112T SL-ply

A Closer Look

Let’s take a closer look at each of the many aspects that make a tire company excel. We will be reviewing stuff like the durability, diversity, and performance. We will also look into the comfort, off-road performance plus the warranty and price. Then we shall take a look at some of our favorite Kumho models, particularly the Solus and the Ecsta.

A Brief History

Founded in 1960 in Gwangju, South Korea, Kumho Tires is a tire company known to both the Asian and the American world. They started off as Samyang Tires, which later became independent from the Kumho Asiana Group. They went from one humble warehouse in the Korean Republic to be one of the most massive tire brands in the world. With their 8 factories spread out across the globe, the brand secures a name for itself.

“Kumho” is a Korean word meaning “bright lake”. And for most of us, the radiance comes from the infinite line of summer tires.


The durability of a product is a feature that we least compromise on. After all, if you’re buying a tire, you want it to last. You didn’t spend hundreds for a tire only to spend it all over again. With regards to durability, Kumho’s Tires are one of a kind. Most of Kumho’s tires, including most Solus tires, use a dual silicone covering.

This creates one of the most ideal and perfect environments. It’s great for steering and treads life. Silicone is best known for its durability and comfort. Kumho’s Escot technology removes a ton of shock and helps nullify a bumpy ride. So you can go anywhere, anytime, and still feel comfortable enough.

Overall, Kumho itself rates most of its tires’ tread wear rate between 8 and 10. This is a comparison between most other and older Kumho tire models. We found that the Solus is a better candidate in terms of durability.

Kumho Crugen review

It is made for traveling and touring purposes and will work well on even snow. The Ecsta, however, is more optimized for the race track. So its durability is usually rated between 7 and 8. Still, even a rating of 7 for performance tires is off the charts.

Other tire models by Kumho include the Crugen and the Road Venture. These are more suited for small trucks and SUVs. The Crugen has a durability rating above 9.5, which is incredible. This may differ from the actual performance, but most of that depends on how you use them. These are perfect tires for touring, and we recommend them for all SUV drivers. Road Venture tire models aren’t good for the durability. Their ratings are usually between 5 and 7.


  • Solus Tires’ durability: 8 to 10
  • The durability of Ecsta Tires: 7 to 8
  • Crugen Tires’ durability: 9.5 to 10
  • The durability of Road Venture Tires: 5 to 7

Diversity and Performance

Diversity is beautiful. And who could love diversity more than a tire brand? When we buy tires, we want them to be useful for any and all surfaces. This is why we love the Kumho tires. There are incredible diversity and versatility in their product line. The criteria that we have included today are dry, wet, snow, and dirt traction. If a tire can tackle all of these then it’s a steal.

Solus tires are best for summer and all-season performance. They are perfect for dry and wet traction. For dry traction, they rate between 6 and 7.5. For wet traction, the rating is as high as 8.5. So we can say that these tires are made for the summer season.

Most Solus all-season tires are great at snow traction too. For most Solus tires, the snow traction is rated at 7. This is perfect since most all-season tires aren’t even that good at snow traction. The Solus TA11 (one of our favorites) is rated at 8.

Ecsta tires are mostly summer performers. Their tires rank even better than Solus at wet and dry traction. For dry traction, most are rated above 7.5. This is a far cry from the Solus, which could only excel on wet roads. As for wet traction, the Ecsta almost always hits a solid 8.5. These are better statistics than most other summer tires.

The one thing which puts them under Solus is that they have very poor snow traction. Some don’t even have any traction at all. But most are rated at 6 or 7. The Crugen tires have a dry road rating of up to 8.5 and a wet rating of up to 9. This makes them the perfect tires for the summers on SUVs and small trucks.


Solus Tires

  • Dry traction: 6 to 7.5
  • Wet traction: 8 to 8.5
  • Snow traction: 7 to 8

Ecsta Tires

  • Dry traction: 7.5 to 8
  • Wet traction: 8.5
  • Snow traction: 6 to 7 (0 in some models)

Crugen Tires

  • Dry traction: 6 to 8.5
  • Wet traction: 8 to 9
  • Snow traction: 8 to 9

Road Venture Tires

  • Dry traction: 4 to 6
  • Wet traction: 5 to 7
  • Snow traction: 7 to 10

Comfort and Ease of Use

Comfort naturally includes a number of factors. This includes noise cancellation, smooth grip, steering, and shock absorption. Kumho tires are one of the best in this aspect. Almost all of their tires are excellent at noise reduction.

They use a special Escot coating on the outside to reduce tread wear. This layer also enhances shock absorption. Most will give a smooth ride. But the “bumpiness” of the ride depends on whether you’re using the right tire.

Finding the correct tire for your car can be very tedious and exhausting. Which is why, on their official site, Kumho will help you out just from the model of your car. Let’s not forget that comfort also includes customer support and service. If you’re a sucker for good noise cancellation, then you should definitely try out Solus.

These tires have a noise cancellation rate of over 7. The Solus TA71 is even rated at a full on 10! These tires couldn’t get any better at comfort. As for Ecsta, their tires are best for overall comfort. They are phenomenal at shock absorption and providing a grip. We liked how they used a dual silicone layer to remove the excess handling problems.


  • Solus Tires’ comfort: 8.5 to 10
  • The comfort of Ecsta Tires: 7 to 10
  • Crugen Tires’ comfort: 9.5 to 10
  • The comfort of Road Venture Tires: 5 to 6

Warranty Plans and Returns

Warranty is one of the biggest things that we all look for. After all, there is no way to ensure you got the right product. So we do our best and get the best warranty policy. Most tire companies provide a warranty depending on the mileage. In most tire brands, we’ve seen the warranty mileage going as high as 45,000 miles.

That’s impressive and all. But the Kumho Tires warranty lasts for over 85,000 miles! This makes them all the better for anyone who has trust issues. If you don’t think that the Kumho is the right choice for you, then at least give it a try and if you don’t like it, then the warranty claim is always open for you.

With regards to warranty, they come in two forms with the Kumho. The first is the Kumho Manufacturer’s Warranty. This is available on all tires, even those for the bigger trucks. This makes all-passenger, SUV, and light truck tires eligible for warranty within 72 months. That’s about 6 years. That’s a great lifespan since most tire flaws tend to show within the first two months.

Some tires, especially the passenger ones, also come with a Road Hazard Warranty. This means that if the tire gets mangled in an accident beyond repair, Kumho Tires will repair it free of cost. You have just 12 months to get it repaired. And some tires might not be eligible.

Apart from that, the mileage warranty is immensely ideal. Most Solus tires provide a 60,000 to 75,000-mile tread warranty. While most Ecsta tires only have a 40,000 to 45,000-mile warranty. Crugen’s tires have up to 75,000 miles worth of warranty. Most tires don’t have a return period, but some have a period of 30 days or less.

Price and Rates

The price of a product gives us a good idea of just how qualitative or effective it is. However, when it comes to Kumho Tires, the price does no justice to the actual quality. As for now, their rates rank 30% cheaper than most other brands of the same quality.

To summarize it, you can afford their tires within just a few hundred dollars. And that’s at the very extreme. Price obviously varies from size, type, model, and features. And the more warranties and return plans the product has, the higher the rates.

However, don’t let the cheap price dissuade you. Even though the price is low, the quality is an all-time high. We recommend these for anyone on a moderately sized budget. Anyone who has a total budget of $1000 or less for a full set of tires can go for this option.

Off-Road Performance

Using a vehicle on dirt and mountainous roads are the trickiest. While passenger cars are not designed for that, most SUVs and light trucks are made just for that. Commercial tires are made to work off-road as well. Kumho has little to no diversity when it comes to off-road performance.

All Solus, Ecsta, and Crugen tires are not optimized for off-road performance and are rated even by Kumho themselves at 0. However, the one product line that does work is Road Venture. These tires usually have an off-road performance rated 10 out of 10. We recommend the Road Venture if you plan on taking your SUV and trucks out on the dirt.

Our Top Recommended Kumho Tires

If you’ve read the top sections, you’ll have known by now that the Kumho has four models. The Solus, Ecsta, Crugen, and Road Venture out of the four, we would recommend the Solus and Ecsta for passenger cars. A few Ecsta models work with SUV and light trucks as well. For SUVs and trucks, we recommend either Ecsta or Crugen. Road Venture isn’t a good choice unless you want to go for a good off-road performance.

Solus Tires

Solus tires seem to be the star of the show today. We just can’t get enough of them. These tires are more or less optimized for use in the summer. Even the all-season variants incline towards summer use. We recommend these for use in dry and wet climates.

They have excellent noise cancellation and are comfortable to drive with. Even for the winters, many have moderate to high snow traction ratings. Most have a 60,000 to 75,000-mile tread warranty and a Road Hazard Warranty as well. Solus tires are very durable, often being as durable as Michelin and other bigger brands.

Ecsta Tires

Ecsta tires are a great choice for the summer. However, most are all-season and have excellent snow traction as well. We can safely say that you will not disappoint yourself with the Ecsta tires. These tires are better at dry traction than the Solus and have incredible wet traction as well.

We love how they just cancel out all noise and leave you feeling more comfortable than most other tires. Their snow traction rates lesser than your average Solus tire. And their durability is a bit reduced too. But overall, the models are intensely superb and qualitative.

Crugen Tires

Crugen tires are the only good models from Kumho that we found for SUVs and light trucks. The reason why these are our favorite is that some of their statistics are even better than Solus and Ecsta. They have unimaginably high durability and traction. And they can move through pretty much any terrain.

They work great on dry and wet surfaces. However, Crugen has optimized most of the tires for winter as well. In fact, they are even better than the passenger tires at snow traction. The only thing which they don’t cover is off-road traction, which is a bit of a let-down.

Final Words

In the end, all we have to say is that Kumho is a great brand that every traveler should try at least once. In the next five years, we can already see them within the top 5 car tire brands. We would recommend that you try out the Kumho for yourself. If you didn’t like it, their warranty will hopefully cover any regretted purchases.

And if you end up with a Kumho that you love, then make sure to tell us about your experience. We just love hearing more and more from our readers.

  1. I just had Kumo tires 235/55 19 put on my 2016 Huundia Santa Fe sport turbo. They replaced the original Continentials at 34,000mi.
    I was alwayscdisappointed in how the Santa Fe felt at highway speed from day one of ownership… Now with the Kumo Tires the ride is very stable the SUV is very enjoyable to drive and feels stable at highspeed.

  2. I have purchased a sprinter van2015. Currently have under 40 K miles. 3 Kumho tires have ruptured at the seams during this time! Am not happy but the Mercedes dealing does not mention any warranty and charges me $280 to change each one . I am not happy and am planning to change all to Michelin or Bridgestone tires

  3. Nice detailed review, how about the Kumho Infinity? They sell quite cheap here in our area and thought of checking the reviews before replacing my tires.

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