Best Toyota Prius Tires To Buy In 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

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The Toyota Prius is a pretty common sight nowadays among car enthusiasts. Everything from the electric suspension to the thunderous metal chassis has us smiling from ear to ear. But with such a unique car, the parts and tires will be even rarer. We feel that tires optimized for the Toyota Prius are increasingly hard to find. Which is why we picked out the 10 best tires for the Toyota Prius to buy in 2023.

Take a look at our list, and pick out the one which suits you. These 10 tires have been handpicked from some of the world’s greatest brands, and are surely the utter best.

Best Toyota Prius Tires

Top 10 Best Toyota Prius Tires On The Market 2023 Reviews

1 Bridgestone Ecopia EP422

The name Bridgestone brings to mind only quality assurance and durability. The Ecopia EP422 is no different. It is packed with vigor and versatility and keeps your car safe from burnouts and fuel wastage.

The Bridgestone is an all-season tire, which means it can tread the hot scalding roads and the snow-covered ones. This lends it the versatility that we love.

The Bridgestone has also been designed to allow as little fuel wastage as possible and understands that your petrol or gas is precious to you. The tread pattern is unique and perfect for both smooth and rough roads, as well as snow and water.

On to the technical details, the Ecopia has a tire width of 205 mm, a sideline height of 112.75 mm, and a radius of 16 inches. The load index is 91, which means that each tire can hold up to 615 Kg. The speed rating is H, allowing the tire to reach up to 210 Km/hr without overbearing.

Bridgestone Ecopia EP422
Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

  • Tire markings: 205/55 R 16 91 H
  • All-season; can work on almost any terrain and in any weather.
  • Uses fuel optimization to reduce petrol or gas wastage.
  • Easy and sturdy to handle.
  • Does not wear out easily, can withstand speeds as much as 210 Km/hr.
  • Supports the weight of up to 615 Kg.
  • Aspect ratio: 55%
  • Not good for racing; not a performance tire.

2 Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max Radial Tire

This tire seems almost as if it was made just for the Prius. It features remarkable tread patterns, an extended lifetime, and a tough rubber surface. The Goodyear Assurance is a great choice for driving on wet locations, as the tire treads do more than enough to quickly expel water and keep the tire completely slip-free.

For some reason, we feel that the Goodyear tire radiates healthy energy. It is an all-season tire, more or less equipped for wet and flooded surfaces. This tire is perfect for rough, dry, smooth, sandy, slippery, wet, or snowy roads.

The tread pattern helps to enhance control and handling, and keep you safe from slipping or skidding. Overall, the tires are not optimized for drift racing, but sure, these performance tires can withstand the pressure of a good race.

Coming on to fuel efficiency, the Goodyear has some of the best and most efficient features. It provides low road resistance and burnout, allowing the engine to breathe. It is 225 mm wide with the sideline being just 146.25 mm.

The total radius of the rim is somewhere close to 17 inches. Fortunately, the Goodyear can also hold up to 850 Kg. But it is not fast enough, coming in at just 190 Km/hr.

Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max Radial Tire
Our rating:3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)

  • Tire markings: 225/65 R 17 102 T
  • Dual tread channels help to expel water from the tire pattern.
  • All-season, great for any type of terrain and climate.
  • Perfect for wet or flooded roads.
  • Does not slip easily.
  • Fuel efficient; creates little to no resistance.
  • The speed rating is only T, very low for a performance tire.

3 Continental Pure Contact Radial Tire

Continental’s choice of design and tread is one of the few things we rely on. Their patterns are so unique and customized that each tire has its own purpose and individuality. We feel that this is the best Toyota Prius tire, mainly due to its splendid performance on wet roads and EcoPlus Technology.

If you’re looking for cheap Toyota Prius tires, then the Continental is one for you. Not only is the initial price low, but the EcoPlus Technology will increase fuel efficiency, allowing your car to optimize gas better. This will result in lesser fuel wastage and eventual decline in gas bills.

Apart from the usual stuff, the Continental Pure Contact seems to be great for wet surfaces too. The markings allow water to be safely channeled and not accumulated. The skidding and braking factor is marvelous as well.

There is a very convenient DWS (Dry Wet Snow) system. If the D, W, and S marking wear out on the tire, then the tire is no longer good for dry, wet, and snowy terrains respectively. The tire can be used for both racings and touring, although the speed rating of H shows it’s best for racing.

Continental Pure Contact Radial Tire
Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

  • Tire markings: 195/65 R 15 91 H.
  • Can work for all seasons and roads, especially wet roads.
  • Does not wear easily.
  • DWS markings indicate functionality of the tire.
  • Can reach a maximum speed of 210 Km/hr and weight of 615 Kg.
  • Fuel efficiency isn’t as high as expected

4 Hankook Kinergy ST H735

A product from Hankook cannot ever disappoint a customer, at least not us. Their tires are top of the class and do not wear out easily. Mostly the tires are better optimized for touring and for passengers, but they can be used for races too, albeit rarely.

The tread pattern is a great choice. It features four wide and spacious ribs, along with multiple sipes and ridges. This makes the ride quieter and smoother.

Naturally, the Prius itself has little to no engine roar, but the minute noise that it does produce is completely cut off by the Hankook Kinergy. To be fair, this is a tire for passengers, so the noise cancellation and extra luxury only makes sense.

The tire is 195 mm thick and the sideline is 126.75 mm high. The radius of the tire (from center to edge) is around 15 inches, with a speed rating of T and weight load index of 91.

Personally, we think that this is best for passenger cars, as the speed remains low so the focus is more on luxury and weight support. This model even features a tread warranty of 70,000 miles.

Hankook Kinergy ST H735
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

  • Tire markings: 195/65 R 15 91 T
  • Long lasting and durable.
  • Perfect for passenger cars, optimized for noise cancellation and support.
  • Can support up to 615 Kg of weight (each tire).
  • Does not wear easily.
  • 70,000-mile tread warranty.
  • Speed may be too

5 Yokohama Avid S All Season Tire

The best Toyota Prius all-season tires have a few identifiers. The first identifier is that more than half of them are made by Yokohama. The Yokohama beats all of them because it actually does function best on any terrain.

The Yokohama has a great catalog of tires and parts, so even if these do wear out, you can always find the relevant replacements. The traction is excellent for all seasons, including, wet, dry, snowy, and rough terrains.

The tread rubber uses Tri-Plex and its derivatives for extended durability and strength. This makes the compound ten times more powerful than regular Prius tires.

The speed rating is S (180 Km/hr), which is optimal for passenger cars. However, if you choose to use the Prius for performance and racing, then the Yokohama Avid isn’t for you. The weight index is slightly lower than usual, as much as 580 Kg per tire.

Yokohama Avid S All Season Tire
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

  • Tire markings: 195/65 R 15 89 S
  • Tri-Plex compound for durability and tensile strength.
  • Great handling even in heavy and light snow.
  • S-rated speed; perfect for passenger cars.
  • Cannot lift much weight; only suited for a few passengers.

6 Kumho 2182643 Solus TA11 All-Season Radial Tire

As is expected from all products from Kumho, the Kumho Solus tire also radiates a delightful energy. This tire has a number of amazing features, such as noise cancellation, durability, and fuel efficiency.

The tire itself has a pretty tremendous look and feel which lends it great strength and resilience. The tread pattern is a highly approachable design, with four main ribs and numerous sipes and etches.

The network of tread helps to conduct water out of the ridges and to stop the tire from becoming too wet, especially in muddy and snowy areas. Tons of different features come together in the Kumho to create the perfect product.

There are excellent noise cancellation and luxury comfort. The tires are as quiet as a mouse and as stealthy as the same. However, we think that this is best suited for users who want to use their Prius for touring and regular riding, as the speed rating is T (190 Km/hr) and the weight index is 91 (615 Kg).

Overall, the radius is a premium 15 inches and the thickness is just 195 mm.

Kumho 2182643 Solus TA11 All-Season Radial Tire
Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

  • Tire markings: 195/65 R 15 91 T
  • Works perfectly on wet and dry roads.
  • Can easily tract through the snow.
  • Tread markings help channel water away from the tire ridges.
  • Perfect speed and weight load index for passenger cars.
  • Best Toyota Prius passenger tire.
  • Tread may wear easily.

7 Michelin Energy Saver A/S All-Season Radial Tire

Michelin Tires create some of the best and most versatile Toyota Prius tires for added safety and comfort. The Michelin Energy Saver is just what it sounds like. It is both fuel and cost efficient!

First up, this model is a great steal. It’s cheap, and it reduces friction, resistance, and drag factor to reduce fuel consumption. This means that not only will the initial price be very low, but the Michelin Energy Saver will continue to have your back.

Secondly, the Michelin is an all-season tire. The biggest problem that all-season tires face is wet and slippery roads. This variation of Michelin tires is able to overcome that by keeping the water away from the tread as much as possible.

This tire is presumably a better candidate for passenger cars, as it has a low maximum speed (as low as 190 Km/hr) and can lift a lot of weight (as much as 615 Kg per tire).

There might be a bit more noise though, so this tire isn’t all that perfect if you think about it. Nevertheless, the durability and friction is a definite plus.

Michelin Energy Saver A/S All-Season Radial Tire
Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

  • Tire markings: 195/65 R 15 91 T
  • Great for passenger and tour cars.
  • Can overcome wet and snowy roads.
  • Extremely fuel and cost efficient.
  • The tread pattern helps keep mud and snow away.
  • Cannot give enough mileage.

8 Michelin Primacy MXM4 Touring Radial Tire

Another product from Michelin makes its way to our top 10 list of the best Toyota Prius tires. We’ve seen almost every other brand call themselves “all-season” but only a few can prove it.

The Michelin uses enhanced sunflower oil additives in its tread to keep moisture and mud away, which ultimately results in better traction in hot, wet, humid, marshy, and even snowy climates.

Here’s why we consider the Michelin to be a truly all-season tire. The tread has a sunflower oil additive that keeps the moisture away. This, in turn, makes it perfect for wet or muddy terrains.

But that’s not all. Since the rubber is so tough, it takes a lot more than some regular heatwave to break it. The sunflower oil actually enhances the tire for low temperatures, and the thick ribs in the tread keep snow and mud away.

It may not seem much, but the Michelin Primacy has a speed rating of V, which is approximately 240 Km/hr. This is obviously a lot more than regular Prius tires and is great for racing and collecting.

The load it can carry is a little lower (up to 545 Kg). However, this only makes it lighter for better performance.

Michelin Primacy MXM4 Touring Radial Tire
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

  • Tire markings: 215/45 R 17 87 V
  • Oil-based tread compound makes the tire best for wet, muddy, snowy, hot, smooth, rough, and almost any type of road.
  • Perfect handling and braking.
  • Maintains minimal resistance and friction, but enough to keep the car grounded/
  • Has great mileage.
  • Perfect for racing and for performance cars.
  • Cannot carry much weight.

9 Falken Sincera SN250 AS All-Season Radial Tire

Equipped with 3 dimensional Canyon technology and the most intricate tread pattern, the Falken Sincera SN250 is no less than a dream come true. It has one of the best Toyota Prius tread patterns and water-channeling technology.

Firstly, the Sincera has a great tread pattern. It uses 3D Canyon treads to maintain the depth of the sipes. Both the sipes and the four midribs help to not only maintain balance and stability but also to remove water from the tire. This, in turn, gives a product which can work in any season, and on any type of surface.

The Falken Sincera has great edge support and uniformity so that the wear and tear are even and not focused on only one side.

Overall, we would rate the Falken a 10/10. This tire is recommended for users who want to use their Prius for racing and performance. The speed rating is V and the weight load index is an all-time low 82.

Falken Sincera SN250 AS All-Season Radial Tire
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

  • Amazing tread quality and strength.
  • Perfect design for traction in all climates and roads.
  • Can easily work with any Prius model.
  • Has lessened wear and tear.
  • Optimized for performance and racing.
  • Has a lot of noise and unwanted off-balancing.

10 Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Touring Radial Tire

Pirelli has a diverse catalog of tires to choose from. We especially love the P4 series. The 4 in P4 stands for all the four seasons, a fancy yet captivating way of saying that the Pirelli tires will have your back in every climate and terrain.

To being with, Pirelli’s choice of the tread is unique. Instead of keeping the traditional four-rib design, they keep only two ridges. The rest is just regular sipes and water channels. Overall, this tire looks and feels great.

The rubber is tough, the compound is strong. And something about it tells us that this is exceptionally durable. Pirelli’s tires are also very quiet and comfortable to use. This specific model has been optimized for tourism and sightseeing.

Pirelli has a durable design and material, and the rubber will stay together for longer.

The speed rating for this Pirelli P4 tire is T (190 Km/hr). This is a pretty common rating among most touring and traveling tires. The weight load index is somewhere close to 91, which is optimal for tires of this size.

The general radius is chiefly 15 inches and can fit any Toyota Prius comfortably.

Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Touring Radial Tire
Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

  • Tire markings: 195/65 R 15 91 T
  • Works amazingly with any Toyota Prius generation, preferably the latest ones.
  • Sideline is perfectly trimmed and balanced.
  • Tread pattern keeps away water and mud.
  • Great traction on snow.
  • Speed may be unsatisfactory.

Toyota Prius Tires Buying Guide

Dimensions and Aspect Ratio

Have you ever wondered what those markings on your tire’s sideline mean? Many people don’t know. They represent the thickness, aspect ratio, arrangement type, radius, weight load index, and speed rating of the tire. For Prius, typically a width of 195 is optimal, although some may argue that 205 and even 225 fits. But the most average and common choice are 195 mm.

Toyota Prius Tires Buying Guide

The aspect ratio that fits the Prius is usually up to you. The aspect ratio is the ratio of the height of the sideline to the width of the tire. So a 55 aspect ratio means that the height is 55% of the width. The most optimal choice is a width of 195 mm and an aspect ratio of 65% or 55%.

The arrangement of almost every tire is radial, which means that the rubber is laid out in layers. The radius of the tire differs from wheel to wheel, but ideally, 16 or 15 inches does the trick. A tire which is too big for the car can pose a few problems. Depending on your requirements, you may or may not want to keep some space between the tire and the rim.

Speed Index and Weight Load Index

The speed index is a letter which denotes the maximum speed that the tire can attain without wearing easily. The speed rating starts from Q and ends at Y, with the exception of X. The weight load index is an index which denotes how much weight each tire can efficiently withstand.

The speed and weight indexes for the Toyota Prius vary depending on your use. If you want to use the Prius for traveling and regular day-to-day work, then the speed index should be low (ideally S or T), and the weight index should be medium or medium-high (800-1000). This would mean that the car does not gain too much speed and can carry a lot of passengers in it.

For performance or racing cars, the speed index should be higher (H, V, or above). The weight index should be medium or lower. Most Toyota Prius tires’ weight load index doesn’t go any lower than 800. This allows the car to reach incredible speeds without causing any harm to the tire.

Tread Pattern

Tread pattern is also very important. A tire with long deep ribs and sipes will give better grip but also accumulate more water, mud, and snow. Look for ridges which are deep as well as wide. This will ensure traction and grounding as well as water resistance. The tread should be optimized for all temperatures, ideally cold and hot both.


We highly recommend that you consult with our list of top 10 best tires for Toyota Prius and check out which tire fits your needs. Most of these tires are for tourism, but a lot of them are available for performance cars too.

Nevertheless, we believe that your choice is always the right one. So remember to never go over budget, and keep on driving safely!

Congratulations! You just made one of the most major decisions about owning a Prius.

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    We only use the car for touring and local driving. As I said I’m looking for the quietest ride and the most comfort. I appreciate your input!
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