Top 10 Best ATV LED Light Bar For The Money 2022 Reviews

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Today, we will be talking about the best ATV LED light bar reviews. We can all agree that with all of the information that we have available at our fingertips in this day and age, that we are guided in our decisions on what to buy based on online reviews.

These reviews can make an impact our decision-making, especially after seeing a particularly high rating or one that claims that the product doesn’t work at all. Reading lists of already compiled “best of” reviews is a great way to make that decision easier.

Later on, we will talk about some of the best ATV LED light bars that are highlighted as well as why they are top rated in the Light Bar field. The best part?

All you have to do is read on for all the details about the products without having to do full research on your own.

That’s not all. We have compiled the ten best ATV led light bars with the highest ratings and done a complete compare and contrast of them.

These mini-reviews will save you the time you would have spent browsing lightbars for hours, and make it easier to pick the exact product you need in a fraction of the time it would take you to look up various models yourself, browse millions of reviews, and try to make an informed decision based on a variety of statistics about each light bar or combination set.

Best ATV LED Light Bar

Top 10 Best ATV LED Light Bars To Buy 2022 Reviews

1 Northpole Light 52″ 300W Waterproof Spot Flood Combo LED Light Bar

The Northpole LED Light Bar is a longer light bar at 52 inches and it is a super rugged option. It includes a weatherproof factor of IP67, and is also shockproof, dustproof, and anti-corrosion with materials meant to last. It boasts shatterproof light lenses which would be extremely beneficial for someone using these on an ATV going over trails or areas where rocks, stones, or other objects could be kicked up by the tires.

The stainless-steel hardware and attachments, as well as the aluminum housing are made of durable materials that will last quite a long time. This product has a lower power consumption making it a more eco-friendly option. The Northpole 52” version is 300 watts, but they also offer it in other wattages depending on your needs. The 300-watt version here is the brightest of the bunch and between the brightness and the longer length of 52” and the lighting powder of 300 watts.

Northpole also has 24-hour customer service which is great if you have installation questions. The year-long warranty will also guarantee a good long period of time for you to test this light bar out without any worries.

Northpole Light 52
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

  • IP67 Waterproof Rating
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Weatherproof
  • Stainless Hardware
  • Aluminum Housing
  • 30,000 Hours of Lifetime Use
  • Needs a wiring harness
  • Voltage may vary from advertised

2 Auxbeam LED Light Bar 12 inch

The Auxbeam 12” LED light bar combination is a great option for those that would rather have two smaller lights instead of one longer version. 72 watts and 6000K pure white lights give it great pure white light and power. Reflector cups extend the light into the distance much further than average.

The benefit of having two lights, is that they would be easier to mount on an ATV no matter the setup of the bars on top versus a traditional longer bar. The two light style is more fluid for a variety of setups in that it can be used on the top of the vehicle, on a grill directly in front, or lower down on a bumper. This spot and flood combination has 24 high power LED and also has a built in quick-cooling feature that extends the lifetime of the lights.

The rugged design is waterproof and shockproof for those extra bumpy roads and parks. Auxbeam’s light projection and reflector cups will ensure that the road ahead is well lit as the light extends further out in front. CREE LED chips create a broad flood of light to encompass the whole road. Waterproofing ensures water immersion up to thirty minutes in three feet of water. These lights are also certified by CE and ROH’s.

Auxbeam LED Light Bar 12 inch 72W CREE LED Driving Light 7200lm Combo Beams Waterproof for Jeep Off-road ATV SUV 4x4 Pickup Military Mining Heavy Equipment
Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

  • IP67 Waterproof Rating
  • Shockproof
  • Extra Broad Light beam
  • 30,000 Hours of Lifetime Use
  • Wiring colors differ from USA standard
  • Wiring is on the shorter side

3 YITAMOTOR Red 2Pack 54W 9 inch

The YITAMOTOR LED Light Bars come in a pack of two in a bright red color. The bright color makes these lights stand out in a crowd, and can add a playful flair to your vehicle other than the basic black that most light bars come in.

The two pack of 9-inch lights can be mounted on whatever surface of the vehicle you want, giving you a more customized look and feel than a longer or bigger light bar. YITAMOTOR makes these light combos in different sizes and sets so there are options. Upgraded PC lens surfaces will make riding more fun as they also give a higher light transmission.

These light bars have an upgraded lens that provides a brighter output. Die-cast aluminum extends the lifespan for a durable light in any situation. Spot lights offer long-distance illumination while flood lights widen the spectrum of seeing capability.

YITAMOTOR Red 2Pack 54W 9inch LED Work Light Spot Flood Combo Offroad Driving Fog Pod Lights Waterproof ATV 4X4 4WD Pickup Truck Golf Cart Boat 12V, 2 Years Warranty
Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

  • IP67 Waterproof Rating
  • Different size options
  • Lens power
  • Low power consumption
  • 50,000 Hours of Lifetime Use
  • No instructions
  • Mounting range is smaller
  • Quality control seems to need work

4 Nilight Light Bar 2PCS 20 Inch 126W

Nilight Light Bar Kit comes with two, twenty-inch LED lights. They also offer other kits with one or two pieces in this same arena, but this package has two lights both at 126-watts and 20” for flexibility. Two lights give the customization to put them anywhere on the vehicle and the extra wattage brings a brighter measure to your ride.

This product has a calculator to see if the product fits your particular make and model of car or SUV. LED chips provide an extra bright, high brightness factor so you can see further in the dark on your ride. In 3.3 feet of water, lights remain waterproof for 30 minutes for those off-roading adventures with streams, or just any inclement weather like rain or snow.

Advanced heat conduction silicone allows superior cooling for an extra-long life. These lights are also CE, FCC, and RoHS certified.

Nilight Light Bar 2PCS 20 Inch 126W LED Lights Spot Flood Combo Led Off Road Driving Lights Led Fog Lights Jeep Lights Boat Lighting LED Work Light ,2 Years Warranty
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

  • IP68 Waterproof
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Upgraded PC lens
  • 50,000 Hours of Lifetime Use
  • Mounting needs upgrade
  • Humid climates may cause issues
  • After-market parts
  • May not be certified in certain states or areas

5 Nilight 25″ 162W Led Light Bar Flood Spot Combo Waterproof Driving Lights Off Road Lights

The Nilight 25” 1652W LED Light Bar has a combination of both flood and beam lights to provide the widest and furthest visibility in the dark. Although this model is one long light that is a great length at 25 inches and its’ 162-watt lights are some of the brightest in the market. The mounting bracket has an adjustable angle, so the light can be pivoted up or down depending on the direction needed for each model of vehicle.

Superior cooling technology from aluminum alloy heat and extra cooling fans. Low energy consumption provides a better carbon footprint and an eco-conscious choice. Waterproofing protects the lights against those rides that may be a little on the messy side, as well as from any other outdoor activities like lawn car or snow removal. Nilight also provides 24-hour customer service ensuring that help will always be available no matter the time of day.

Nilight 25
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

  • IP67 Waterproof Rating
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Mounting Bracket with Angle
  • 50,000 Hours of Lifetime Use
  • Lights burn out quickly
  • Moisture can get inside easily
  • Brackets aren’t as durable as others

6 LED Light Bar YITAMOTOR 50 Inch Combo Light Bar

YITAMOTOR is a great investment for the money since it comes with a great amalgamation of items. Not only does it include a hefty fifty-inch light bar, but it also comes with two four inch 18-watt spot lights, as well as a wiring harness and mounting brackets. YITAMOTOR offers other light kits in different wattages as well, but this version has the whole works. The 50” bar has a sixty degree and thirty degree spot beam to provide both lighter and wider visibility.

The kit’s smaller 18W Spot Light Pods are a great addition for lighting the sides or lower front of a vehicle and these are all fully compatible with a wide variety of SUV’s and ATV’s. A wiring harness and mounting kit are both included. The 50” light bar is 288W and lights are high quality, high impact PC material. Included 18W Spot Pot LED Lights are also PC lenses. JK mounting brackets are included.

This package would truly be a one-stop shop for those wanting both a longer bar and smaller spot lights as well to make the road clearer and much more visible on longer night rides. The YITAMOTOR has a longer lifetime use of 50,000 hours and is very universal to fit different vehicles.

LED Light Bar YITAMOTOR 50 Inch Combo Light Bar + 2 X 4 Inch 18W Spot Light Pods with Wiring Harness with Roof Mounting Brackets Compatible for JEEP Wrangler JK
Our rating:3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)

  • IP67 Waterproof Rating
  • 30 Day Warranty
  • PC Lenses
  • 50,000 Hours of Lifetime Use
  • Extra 18W lights included in kit
  • No instructions
  • Provided screws are too short
  • Vibration in the wind creates a hum

7 Kingopt Opt-46

The Kingopt Opt-46 is a pack of two smaller combination flood and spot beam lights. With their rapid cool technology and 120 watts, they pack a big punch for their size. These are a great addition to front fenders, on top for more detailed viewing, or even off the sides of the vehicle to light up the roadway even further. High density light provided by the subversive spot and flood system can turn night up to day.

They offer waterproof and anti-corrosion properties for those harsh conditions of rain, mud, and snow. Their rapid cooling system will prevent overheating. The smaller design on the Kingopt Opt-46 may provide a wider array of uses as they will fit on more areas than a larger bar style LED light. These can also be used in addition to a tractional LED bar light on the front or sides of the vehicle to add more dimension and brightness.

These lights would also be a great addition to a snowblower, a four-wheeler or ATV or repurposed as lights for a garage or outdoor area. They also offer certifications by CE, RoHs, FCC, DOT, and SAE.

Kingopt Opt-46
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

  • IP68 Waterproof Rating
  • 1 Year Service, Lifetime Warranty
  • Small, but packs a big punch
  • 30,000 Hours of Lifetime Use
  • Fogging issues within some lights

8 LED Light Bar, Bangbangche 20” 126W

The Bangbangche 20” 126W Flood Spot Combo LED Bar is a kit that comes with 126-watt flood LED bar, two 18-watt spot light LED pod lights, and a 40A fuse wiring harness. This full package would ensure that you had the full amount of light without having to purchase any other smaller lights for your grill or bumper, as well as having to buy a wiring harness as well.

Bangbanche’s long range light up the road to create central illumination for full daytime-like visibility even at night. Better heat dissipation will provide quicker cooling. The lenses are PC and the die cast aluminum housing provides a sturdy frame that will hold up to elements and outdoor use. The Italian optical reflectivity lens provides a longer reflection distance. Bangbangche lights have a low energy output for longer life span and better bang for your buck.

Bangbangche offers a generous one-year warranty as well as twenty-four-hour customer service for any questions or concerns regarding their products.

LED Light Bar, Bangbangche 20'' 126W Flood Spot Combo LED Bar with 10FT 40A Fuse Wiring Harness, 2 X 18W Spot Led Pods Lights, Bright, Jeep Boat Truck Tractor Off Road, 1 Year Warranty
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

  • IP67 Waterproof Rating
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Italian Refelectivity Projector Lenses
  • 30,000 Hours of Lifetime Use
  • Mounting Instructions not included
  • Output might be slightly under listed

9 Nilight 2PCS 18W Spot LED Work Light Driving Lights Led Light Bar Off Road Led Lights Flush Mount

Nilight makes this set that includes two 18-watt LED spotlights for mounting on a front bumper or fender, an ATV or four-wheeler, or any off-road vehicle. There are also other packages and combinations in this listing depending on what you need or what shape. Don’t let the small size fool you.

These two lights are a bright white light that is a higher output model. The PC Lens is scratch-resistant and extremely durable. These lights are made with an aluminum fan shape that helps with heat dissipation for a more effective cooling to the lights. Better cooling also extends the lifetime of these lights. Watrerproofing is high rated at an IP68 as well as for 30 minutes in 3.3 feet of water. Great for those rides through creeks and snow, the waterproof factor on these lights is a great added bonus.

The deep reflective cup on the lights will throw a higher range of light for night riding. 50,000 hours of lifetime use is a longer range for light bars and will guarantee more hours of fun for you and your family. Nilight has their 24-hour customer service department to help at whatever hour might be needed for installation and questions. The very generous two-year warranty is guaranteed piece of mind for you.

Nilight 2PCS 18W Spot LED Work Light Driving Lights Led Light Bar Off Road Led Lights Flush Mount for Jeep Truck Tacoma Bumper ATV UTV,2 Years Warranty
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

  • IP68 Waterproof Rating
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Flush Mount
  • Deep Reflective Cup
  • PC Lens
  • 50,000 Hours of Lifetime Use
  • Aftermarket parts
  • Not DOT approved
  • May not be used in every state, depending on laws

10 Nilight 52Inch 300W LED Work Light Spot Flood Combo LED Lights Led Bar Driving Off-Road Lights

Nilight has a 52” LED light bar that is 300 watts perfect for a variety of vehicles. At 300-watts, this 52” bar has one of the higher wattages available for a light bar making is a very bright choice. It was made specifically for night driving and has a high-performance output. Its’ combination flood and spot light will give the best vantage point to see the road in its’ entirety while also seeing into the distance.

Made of LED chips and aluminum alloy and PC lenses, the durability is definitely on point here. It features combination flood and spot beams for better and wider ranges of visibility. With multiple layers of protection against water, this light is also quakeproof. A 360-degree adjustable bracket will ensure a perfect fit, as well as the proper direction for you light and a customizable fit. This adjustable bracket is a major benefit over many other fixed-bracket options on the market.

High quality heat dissipations will ensure even and effective cooling for a longer usage of life. 50,000 hours of lifetime with this light ensures many hours of riding under your belt in the future. Nilight’s usual 24-hour customer service also backs the product as well as a very generous 2 year warranty to protect your investment.

Nilight 52Inch 300W LED Work Light Spot Flood Combo LED Lights Led Bar Driving Off-Road Lights for Off-road Vehicle, ATV, SUV, UTV, 4WD, Jeep, Boat,2 Years Warranty
Our rating:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

  • IP67 Waterproof Rating
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 50,000 Hours of Lifetime Use
  • Mounting Tabs not included
  • Longer than 52 inches with brackets installed

Best ATV LED Light Bar Buying Guide

Buying an LED mounted light for an ATV or other vehicle can take endless hours if you are searching for the perfect light and trying to back up any claims through countless reviews. but you can easily pick the right one by using the following few factors as a buying guide.

ATV LED Light Bar reviews

1 Complete Kit or Single Light

Many lights can come in different packages. These can include a single long bar format, two small lights can be bundled together, or an entire package can include a longer LED bar light as well as the smaller lights for the front of the vehicle. This would depend on what lights are needed and how many for your particular situation and vehicle.

Some vehicles may already have enough light down below or come with headlights so just a longer bar for the top would be needed. Others may need a complete kit to round out weaker lamps included on the vehicle or where none may exist at all.

2 Size

The length of the light is another factor. Since they come in all lengths and sizes, measuring your vehicle to make sure you are getting the right size is a big factor. Make sure to take into account any brackets that might add either length or height to the lighting kit.

Obviously, a longer bar will create a better range of light for illuminating the whole road if that is what you are looking for, where as two smaller spot lights will create a different dimension. Combining the two will give you the best range and depth and a more customizable situation.

Best ATV LED Light Bar

3 Power and Brightness

Power and brightness levels are very important when looking at light bars. If you are riding is done mainly in a heavily wooded area you would need a higher-powered light and more watts per light. Riding or working with an ATV in a more commercial area you might determine your needs in terms of power and wattage may be lower.

If you live in a darker more remote area where the vehicle is used on a farm or on dark paths, more output will be needed, whereas a more suburban four-wheeler would need just smaller front lights to see the road or path ahead.

4 Waterproofing

Waterproof lights are another influence on the buying decision. Being that the lightbars are going to be used in many different weather situations, and that the ATV may not be under a weatherproof area like a garage or tarp at all times, the level of waterproofing would be something that is important to note.

ATV LED Light Bar

Using a four-wheeler in the snowy conditions either for recreation or for plowing, or on a trail deep in the woods, or for lawn maintenance in situations like spreading weed killer, the lights could easily get wet, damp, or caked-on with dirt. Unpredictable elements like a sudden rain shower are not ideal, but knowing that you have a good waterproof rating on your lights is reassuring.

The more confident that one was that the weatherproofing was a higher level, the more you could enjoy your time out riding better.

5 Warranty

A warranty that will cover the lights in the event of breakage would be a great benefit. Since LED lightbars are for use in outdoor situations, and often in climates that are rough on them, there is always the danger of weather elements getting lights damp.

Other times, ATVs or off-road vehicles are also kicking up a lot of mud or used in snowy situations leaving them susceptible to more damage from the elements. A good warranty will protect your investment. Look for longer warranties, such as a year to two to protect the lightbars.

Many of the examples above offer great coverage for their light bars and they stand by their products. Customer service is offered at higher levels as well.

Installing a lightbar is a breeze and there are many options available, especially with these kits that are included above. Most come with compatible hardware and mounting brackets included with them, as well as wiring supplies and harnesses for your ease. If the included hardware is not to your liking, or your vehicle needs longer attachments or screws, these are easy products to pick up.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, this has given you an idea of some of the top-rated LED lightbars for ATVs. The buying guide at the end covers many of the factors that can go into picking from this list of ten high rated light bars for ATVs, and things to take into consideration.

Reading reviews is a task that takes a lot of time, and even then, there are many gray areas with both top and bottom reviews that seem to be at odds with each other. That makes it hard to trust any of them at all. Having a full comparison of the features of each light bar in one spot might make it easier to find the kind of features you need. The list of pros and cons should make the process a lot easier for you to pick the right lightbar for your vehicle.

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